Training for Spartan Twister

If you have done a Spartan Race or have been looking to see what obstacles are at a Spartan Race, chances are you know what the Spartan Twister obstacle is. And if you don't, click HERE to watch a video of it. (It's the first obstacle you'll see.) If you're anything like we were when we first started doing obstacle course racing, every time you get to the Spartan Twister, you already know that you'll be headed to the burpee pit, because let's face it, one attempt at it during a race isn't enough practice. That's the whole reason why we started making twisters in the first place, we were sick of doing burpees for failing it at every Spartan Race. We helped ourselves, and now we want to help you overcome this Spartan nemesis, because ain't nobody got time for 30 burpees.

People ask us all the time, which one is better: Twister 2.0 or Mini Twister. It really comes down to what size space you have, if you have access to a few basic tools, and will it be something that you mount in a more permanent location or will you need to take it to places like your gym or local park to be able to use it.

There are basically two differences between our two Twisters. One, obviously, is size. Twister 2.0 is an 8FT Twister, which is one section of Twister at a Spartan Race. Depending on if you're doing the Spartan Super or Spartan Beast, will depend on how many sections of Twister they use. Typically a Spartan Beast has a 3 section Twister. While Twister 2.0 is a total of 8FT, we make them in two 4FT sections that mount together. The only reason we do this is to save you money on the shipping cost. Shipping suppliers go by dimensional weight, so to ship an 8FT box is outrageously expensive, which is why we designed a way to make it in two parts, and it takes less than 5 minutes to attach the two sections together. Now, with that being said, Twister 2.0 needs the inner pipe to rotate around, and because the inner pipe cannot be cut into two sections, we can't include it. But it is something you can pick up at your local hardware store, Lowe's Home Depot, etc. Once you have your inner pipe, it has to be cut down to the correct length for your Twister, and you have to drill out holes for the eye bolts so that it's ready to hang. Don't worry, we include the directions for all of this when you order a Twister, but this is why I mentioned above, that you'll need a few tools. If you have the space, and you're looking at a more permanent home for your Twister, then Twister 2.0 is a great option.

Our Mini Twister, is a 4FT version of Twister, and because of the size, it DOES include the inner pipe. So because I'm able to ship it with the inner pipe already attached, it's ready to hang immediately. The Mini Twister is great if you need to take it places because you have no place to hang it from home. It only weighs about 35lbs, so you can put it in your backseat, go to a park or gym that has monkey bars or some other place that you can hang it from and get to work.

So if you're ready to up your Spartan Race training, and save yourself some burpees on race day, get yourself a Twister so you can BE READY ON RACE DAY!

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