How to train for the Spartan Spear Throw

One of the most common questions we receive from people after they have purchased one of our OCR training spears is "What do I use as a target?" While we see a lot of OCR racers using bales or straw, which is what we first used several years ago, because that's what you would see at a Spartan Race, straw can get messy really fast after countless throws with your spear. Since Spartan has started using the foam targets a few years back, we went to using a foam target as well, and it has worked perfectly for us.

Here's a link to the one we have been using (Also, this is our affiliate link so if you end up going with this one, it helps us if you use our link when ordering.)

Now, let me tell you why we like this target. First off, it's inexpensive (under $50). While it comes in two sizes, we use the smaller one which is 16" x 16", because if you can consistently nail this small target at home, the big spear target on race day is going to be easy peasy. Aim small, miss small right? We also like that there is a handle on the top of it. One of the ways we hang it is by attaching a thin rope to it and hanging it from our monkey bars. We've seen others tie the target around a tree, prop it up on things to get it to the height similar to how it is at the race, and even build an actual wooden stand that the target fits into. All that to say, you don't need anything fancy to get your spear practice in. Also, being that the target is small, it's easy to take places just in case you live somewhere where you can't get outside and throw it across your yard.

So hope that helps in showing you how you can practice for the Spartan Spear Throw right from home, because ain't nobody got time to be hanging out in the burpee pit on race day.

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