How you can save money doing obstacle course races.

We get it, doing Obstacle Course Racing (aka OCRs) is expensive. Not only do we do obstacle course racing for fun, but we also build for several events so we know what goes into putting them on. But we wanted to share a few ways you can save some money when doing them.

#1 - SIGN UP EARLY! The absolute best way to save the most money is signing up early. Events that are held once a year usually have an EARLY BIRD sign up period where you can save a lot of money when you register right after their event for the next year's race. By signing up super early, not only are you saving money, but you are also helping the event, as there is a lot of planning involved and those funds help get the ball rolling.

#2 - Volunteer. There are several ways that you can volunteer and earn yourself a FREE race. You can help during build week. Tasks that you can help with during build week can include things like filling sandbags, mowing, helping set up festival area, and things of that nature. You can volunteer on race day by being an obstacle attendant after you do your own race. That's a place we are always short on volunteers and races desperately need you to help put on a great event. Lastly, you can volunteer post-race. You can help with things like pulling course tape, packing away materials, and other parts of the tear down. Every race is different, but typically two shifts (10 hours total) earns you a free race.

#3 - Refer your friends to sign up. A lot of races have referral discounts. For example it could be something like when you have 5 people sign up for a race using your referral code, you get "x" amount of dollars refunded back to you.

#4 - Try to find OCRs that are local or local-ish to your area. You can download an ap called OCR BUDDY and search by dates / location to help you find events. Fuel and other travel expenses start adding up real quick so if you can find events near you, that'll cut costs and you may find some local OCR gems! Plus, local brands tend to be more innovative in their obstacles. If you are traveling, try to buddy up to split the travel costs.

Hope that helps and can't wait to see you on the course!

If you have other ways you know of to help save money, please share!


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