Easy way to hang your grip attachments at home.

So many times people message us and say they want to train on grip attachments, but can't build a backyard rig. While having an outdoor ninja rig or OCR rig is nice, you can utilize other spaces inside your home. Let's take a garage or basement, for example. If you have either of these two, the easiest way to add hanging grips is to screw in eye bolts right into your ceiling joists. If you have an unfinished basement or garage, and the joists are exposed, it makes it super simple. Otherwise, you just drill through the drywall and make sure you go through the joists, and you'll know if you don't because your eye bolt will just fall out. Be sure to use an eye bolt that can support the weight. Watch this video demonstrating just how easy it is and it also shows exactly what we use when we're building courses. Once you have your eye bolts in, your ready to attach grips. Also, the ideal ceiling height would be 10FT. But if yours is lower, that's okay, it just may mean that you are having to lift your legs up. Hope this helps you in setting up your OCR garage gym or basement gym. If you have questions, please feel free to email us or reach out on Instagram or Facebook. We'll be happy to help.

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