How To Mount Your New Twister!

This is an extra resource for those of you who have purchased a Twister from me or if you were thinking about it, and wanted info on how to mount it. While Twister is a challenging obstacle to overcome, attaching and mounting it is super easy. This is a quick breakdown to show some visuals of just how simple it is to mount your twister once you get it home. And listed below are the steps, with more detailed instructions, which you will also get with every twister order.

There are a few different ways to mount Twister. The easiest and least expensive way is to run a smaller pipe through Twister. I recommend using 2" galvanized schedule 40 steel pipe or 2" rigid conduit. These come in 10 FT sections, and have an outside diameter of just under 2.5", so it fits right inside the Twister. You will need to cut it down to approximately 8ft 4in.
Step 1: Line up the two Twister ends with flanges. (Be sure the "V" notch lines up.) Using the 4 stainless steel carriage bolts, put each bolt through the holes in the flange. Put the 4 nylock nuts on the end of each bolt and tighten. Not just hand tightened, you will need to use a 9/16" wrench and crank that sucker down!
Step 2: Time for the inner pipe! You will need to cut the inner pipe to be approximately 4" longer than your Twister. It should be 8' 4" long, but double check the length of the Twister, as I am always working on the design for shipping purposes, so it might be an inch shorter than 8.' Cut your inner pipe 4" longer than the Twister. Use whatever you've got to cut with. Sawzall. Metal chopsaw. Hacksaw. Whatever! Once this is done, mark a spot 3/4" from each end. At these points on both ends, you will drill a 1/2" hole through both sides of the pipe. Try and keep it straight, but if you don't, it'll be okay as long as it is mostly straight. This will give your Twister free range to rotate, but will keep it from sliding back and forth across the pipe.
Step 3: With the two holes drilled in the pipe, insert the 2 forged eye bolts into each hole, then tighten with the nuts. Again, not just hand tightened, use the wrench to get them super tight.
Step 4: Attach the 2 chain quick links to the 2 eye bolts on the inner pipe and then you are ready to hang your Twister to your preferred attachment.
Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Twister is a tough obstacle. It's even tougher when you can't practice it. If you're serious about taking your Spartan training to a new level, having your own to get consistent practice is a must. Happy Twister training and I hope you ring that bell at your next Spartan Race! Aroo!!!

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  • Easy peeze . Now to get one soon!!!

    Michael James

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